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Designing Sustainability

Within the fashion industry, sustainability is often reduced to the the type of fabric that is being used to produce of the garment. However there are lots of other factors that are just as important, but often overlooked. 

Designing Sustainability

Designers are the shapers of this world, they imagine the impossible and transform it into reality, so naturally making a product more sustainable would also lie in their hands. Talking to Jing (Jingjing Qi) the founder and designer of boochen we find out more about how sustainability can be acchieved through design.

Why does design improve the sustainability of the boochen products?

„To understand why design makes a product more sustainable is actually quite simple. 
Imagine a bikini made of a the most sustainable material you can think of. Now imagine that this bikini does not fit well, that it does not feel good on your body, that it isn’t practical at all and can only be worn in very specific circumstances. How often would you wear this bikini? How long would it take until you buy another item to have a second option or replace it all together? Is that sustainable?“

So the question is rather how design shapes your products?

„Exactly, as I have mentioned there are a few goals we achieve through the design. In summary they all come down to one central ambition, to extend the lifespan of the product. And this must be considered from two angles. For one the garment itself needs to be produced and finished in a manner that it is possible to keep the item for as long as possible. The other thing that one must strive towards as a designer is that the customer has reason to keep the product up to the end of its lifespan.“

In which ways does boochen work towards these two targets?

„There are three main elements we integrate into our design to make our swimwear last longer in your wardrobe. 
First off, off all bikinis and bathing-suits are constructed in a reversible way, so you can wear them from both sides. That means that you end up with four different styles within only one bikini set, so you are given a large variety of looks through few pieces. What is more, the wear and tear of the fabric is distributed onto both sides, whereby the products last a lot longer.
Secondly, the boochen collection is designed in a manner that you always have more than one bikini option within one color and pattern style. Additionally the top and bottom can be purchased separately, which means that the bikini can be put together according to the individuals taste and needs. Through the addition of single pieces you can modularly enlarge your options even further. 

And lastly the adjustable details of the boochen swim- and activewear allow the products to simply adjust to your needs. Moreover the possibility to individualize the bikinis fit is ideal when switching between active movements in the water to relaxing on the beach afterwards. You can decide whether you are in a mood for tight support or a comfortable fitting with. This makes the boochen pieces all-rounders, designed not only for one specific situation.“


What is planned for the future?

„A system striving towards sustainability can never be complete. There are always ways to optimize and innovate. In this ongoing process we will concentrate on the fit of our products and work on increasing the range of adjustability. Thereby the bikinis and bathingsuits will fit a wider range of body shapes and sizes. 
In addition to this we are refining the claps and fasteners, so that getting in and out of the swimwear can be done more easily. Our attempt is find the best possible balance, where the fastener is quick and easy to open and close while changing, and is very safely secure while being active in the water. This is the sweet spot we are targeting.“

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