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Welcome to join the eco waves. 🌊

Meet our supplier

After our first collection and just before launching the leggings, it was high time for us to make the journey to the place where our designs were made into real products. We intend to stick around for good and only by real-life conversation and personal meeting it is possible to create a long-lasting partnership. It is our responsibility to build this brand with a reliable partner who understands the ethical and ecological values of blue ocean obsessed. 

This is why it took us some time to search, but in the end, we found our supplier: a small studio (just around 50 qm) located near Shenzen, China. 

We chose a Chinese production side for various reasons: first of all, they could deliver the best quality and skill, being a specialist for swimwear. And since the founder of boo surfwear is of Chinese origin herself, there were no language barriers to overcome.

Entering the studio brought back a deja-vu moment: no matter where you are in the world, a design/sewing studio looks pretty much the same: the big tables for cutting and pattern making, the patterns on the wall, the machines, the rolls of fabric.


Introducing our Team

Meet Ding Yongzhong, Qin Meiyuan, and Angenia Liu. They are the ones who made our bikinis and leggings.

All of them work in this studio for between 5 and 15 years and bring that skill and experience into every piece that goes through their hands. Since the studio doesn´t have a huge amount of workers (around 15), it is easier to take care of and to provide for every one of them. Each worker has a face and a voice, too. The studio pays a wage higher than the average and has reasonable working hours. Lunchtime is important, just as finishing in time. Of course, over time can´t be avoided, especially in the high production season for swimwear. But these hours are being compensated and result in a higher wage.

Angenia, the manager, who helps us communicate with all the workers.

Meet our supplier


Meiyuan, leader of the sewing team, who is sewing most of our bikinis

Meet our supplier


Yongzhong, pattern maker, who helps us make our designs fit your body.

Meet our supplier


Looking ahead into the future

Creating a long-lasting change in the working conditions inside the fashion industry is not an easy fix and takes time. It can only be achieved by taking one step after the other and continue moving in the right direction. This we want to do from the very beginning and recognize our responsibility as an eco-friendly swimwear-brand.

We are very glad to have found a reliable partner for our production and learned a lot from this visit, so hopefully, you can see a lot more of our designs come to life by the hands of our skillful partners in China.

Meet our supplier

Team boo surfwear with all the workers


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